I’m a young-at-heart 32 year old, die hard Newfie, who is embracing and enjoying every step of this journey called LIFE.

I was born and raised in the small airport town of Gander, NL by my mother (also born and raised in Gander) and my father (a Cape Bretoner who crossed the Atlantic after high school and never crossed back!). I was a pianist, a pitcher and a curler who grew up outside: skidooing in winter and camping in the summer. I loved my childhood but couldn’t wait to hit the road as soon as I graduated, heading to the mainland to start my BA.

Since then I’ve taught piano, waitressed, worked in tourism, was a secretary and later a public education officer for the federal government. I’ve lived in NS, PEI, NB, QC, AB and even spent a few weeks living and working in France. Every place holds memories near and dear to my heart, but I always seem to make my way back to NL, where my heart seems to lie. I’ve come full circle I guess, having just recently moved back to Gander as a French Immersion elementary teacher after completing my BEd.

I’m a student of life. I love living every day to the fullest, will try anything once, and love a bit of spontaneity. I believe every choice and every decision has contributed to the person I’ve become today. I’m proud of my journey so far and look forward to lots more exploration and challenge.

Recently, having developed a love and passion for the practice of yoga, I am trying to be more aware of our interconnectedness: to each other and nature. I believe in karma. Gratitude. Open-minds. And forgiveness.

I’ve developed even more of a passion for all things outdoors: hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing, hunting, fishing, skating, walking, berry-picking, camping, backpacking, boating, and more. When I’m not outdoors, and even sometimes when I am, I can be found playing guitar and singing, or experimenting in the kitchen, again, indoors or out!!

This, is my first attempt at a New Year’s resolution. Writing a blog. So here goes nothing. I’m taking my time to properly  set the backdrop into how this blog came to be. Then I plan to post daily  on my passions in life: the outdoors, music, food, yoga or education. It may be sharing a new recipe, a restaurant review, a new trail discovery, an experience in yoga, a reflection from teaching, a new discovery or maybe even a self-discovery.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I look forward to sharing this journey with you 🙂 Much gratitude to all you readers out there.


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